What nero



I’m having trouble deciding on which Nero to get. I’ve read quite a few user reviews and just when I think I’ve made up my mind BAM! a bad review or post comes along and puts me back to square one… :doh:

Can I ask the seasoned users of Nero if they can give me a pointer in the right direction as to which version is stable(better) than the rest.

At the mo I’m using DVDFab,DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter to back up my DVD’s.
DeepBurner for data.

I don’t Know if I’ll gain anything from using Nero over what I’m using at the moment.

Sorry in advance if this question,or something along these lines, has been asked and answered before so you can shoot me down if you want,just be gentle…


My suggestion is to use nero 6 (you can find bundled in most of burner packages) to create ISo files, and then use imgburn to write ISO files on discs.


Thanks for the quick reply geno888,much appreciated.

I wonder if you can see what’s coming next…But what version of 6… :slight_smile:

I’m torn between and 0.18.

The drives I use are NEC3520A and the NEC4570A and I’ve read somewhere that the 0.18 version of nero does not support bitsetting.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Latest version of nero should be good. As I said, I use it almost exclusively to create ISO files. If I’m not wrong, the only difference is that latest can’t work in association with dvd shrink, but this is not a problem, mostly if you use imgburn to write discs :bigsmile:

Sorry, but I don’t know about the problem with bitsetting :frowning:


So is the one?

The other thing is that every download link I have tried for 0.14 and 0.18 when I go to install it it asks for a serial key/number.
I’m more than willing to pay for it it’s just that I can’t find a download that will let me. And trying Ahead direct they don’t have these versions just updates for them.
How can I get nero


I checked in nero website. Latest version is


I found it.Thanks again geno.

So if I get it’s just an update to then?


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry if tonight I’m a bit slow :frowning:

This executable contain all nero 6, and you can use it also as a fresh installation, but if you already have a previous installation, it only update all outdated files.


No worries geno

Just purchased it.

Thanks once again


You’re welcome :bigsmile:


To answer the bitsetting question.

It’s not a Nero problem but the NEC drives. Neither support bitsetting with official firmware.

As for Nero is OK if you’ve plenty of memory as it take about 280mb, whereas runs much smaller than that.


:eek: I didn’t know this problem :frowning:


Well now you do :bigsmile:


:bow: :bigsmile:

Now I have one more reason to use imgburn :stuck_out_tongue:


As if you really needed any more reasons to use it.



You can get a firmware from Liggy and Dee that will support bitsetting with those NEC drives, I believe.

As for Nero, Nero supports bitsetting with my Plextor PX755A with official 1.02 firmware, while Nero does not.

So I am using any time.