What Nero mode do you use?

I hardly ever use Nero Burning ROM, I find Nero Express gets the job done just as well, and much faster.

What do you mainly use?

Ben :slight_smile:


There are alot more settings/options in Nero Burning rom than Express. I would not say that it does as well. Express is good for newbies but really if your a serious burner then you will use Burning Rom (also advanced features).

Nero burning rom for me always
I am not to keen on any express editions as its usually just click click click…
I prefer a bit of choice…

I cant stand the Nero Express mode. It wont let me do anything at all in my opinion.

I use Nero Burning ROM only if I need something Nero Express cant do (burning more than one CD simultaneously mainly), but if I just want to burn a quick DVD, or audio CD, I find Nero Express does a good job.

Ben :slight_smile:

iv only ever used the express mode once and hated it. I just drag and drop using buring rom. Also Nero buring rom is that only tool i have ever used to burn my data dvds.