What Nero audio cd settings do u guys use?

Just wondering I am trying to make a great sounding CDr but that osunds good I dont know if it’s the Microsoft Audio settings ( 5.1 surround ) or the volume at which irecord them (like 80%) have to do with the end sound of the CD – anysuggestions on CD burning audio settings I’m using Nero express, Im @ 16X dunno if that has anything do with the sound. I amlooking for a studio- quality ( all my tracks are at greater than 192 kbits)

There’s not much guesswork involved going from MP3 to CDA–the damage was done when the music went from CDA to MP3, depending on the compressor’s psychoacoustic model, the bitrate, and how effectively that bitrate was used (CBR, VBR, etc.). I say just add the MP3s to your project and let Nero convert them to CDA. No normalization (distorts the sound, even though most people–including myself–cannot detect it), no adding channels, no screwing with filters unless the source is really bad and you’re willing to use something besides Nero to do it. Use good CD-Rs and burn them as fast as your writer is comfortable doing it.

first, thank you for your response… I was thinking of tweaking* the Stereo filters (default is 100% ) to 115%… I dunno if this will improve or how will it give a Dolby feeeling to the CDr. I will try it to see it it helps tweak the sound. Anybody else have tried with other filter tweaks?