What Nero 7 Programs Can I Not Install?



What Nero 7 programs can I not install, without adversely affecting those programs I do install?

My CD-ROM version of “Nero 7 Essentials Suite 1” includes the following programs:

Nero Home
Nero Search
Nero Start Smart 3
Nero Express 7
Nero Vision 4
Nero Show Time 3
Nero Media Home
Nero Mobile
InCD 5
Nero Photo Show Express 4
Nero Photo Snap
Nero Photo Snap Viewer
Nero Cover Designer 2
Nero Tool Kit

I am planning on only installing Start Smart 3, Express 7, Vision 4, InCD5 and Tool Kit

I want to burn CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVD+RWs without other complications.

Will my selected programs work together?

Are any other of the programs necessary or really convenient to have?