What name will have the HDDVD/BluRay hybrid?

What are your bets?

HD ray?



Oh Well…

What about

BRHybriD ???

Discs or drives :confused:

BHDRW for dirves and BHD-R(W) for media :wink:

no, I think it’s to early to say, for sure we’ll see hybriddrives and probably hybrid discs too, but this will not happen until 2007/08 i think. First off all the two formats needs to become a accepted standard. The war has just started, so it’s to early to think about hybrids.

It’s insane enough to try to predict what will happen with hybrid-engery cars. I watched today on TV about a small German city where solar energy is extensively used but the program concluded with “someday solar energy will become as economical as fossil energy.” :bigsmile: