What name do you prefer for the last SECUROM protection? Yes, this is a poll

Hi. I have noticed that the last SECUROM protection doesn’t have an own name (as the Second Newton’s Law :slight_smile: ) so i’ve thought… Why don’t we choose a name??? I think it would be good for this new protection to have a name instead of use NEW new (that i think it’s confuse).

Every famous protection have a clear and UNIVERSAL (remember this word because it’s the main thing) name to identify it.(Safedisk, SD2, Laserlock, Laserlock 2, VOB, etc, etc…)

Ok, vote for your favourite name and if you don’t agree with this post, please, tell me. (Or tell me another name you prefer).


Nice thought, I’ve been referring to this new flavour of SecuROM as SecuRom V3 in the hope that it would avoid confusion, but didn’t think about a poll to try to make it gain acceptance

Good Job

Ask the makers of the CopyProtection … I’m sure they have a name for it … and they don’t like us to rename their “BABY” :bigsmile: hehe :wink: … I’m sure that Olli would’t like if someone started rename his dear sweet CloneCD :stuck_out_tongue: … That I would’t like … Olli I’m not going to vote on any new name for your great CCD :bow:

SecuRom 3 would be the easiest name :wink:

SecuROM already has versions like SafeDisc

SecuROM V1[ul][]Forsaken[]Incoming Hexplore[]Frankreich 98[/ul]SecuROM V2[ul][]Decent FreeSpace[]Heart of Darkness[]Max II Panzer Commander[]Team Apache[/ul]SecuROM V3[ul][]FIFA 99[]F.A. Premier League FM 99[]Moto Racer 2[]Populous 3[]WarGasm[]War of the Worlds[/ul]SecuROM V4[ul][]Alpha Centauri[]Brian Lara Cricket[]SimCity 3000[]South Park[]SuperBike[]Silver[]Turok 2[/ul]SecuROM V5[ul][]Brain Lara Cricket[]Machines[]S.A.G.A: Rage of the Vikings[/ul]Programs[ul][]Omnia 99 [Italian][]Omnia 99 Atlante [Italian][/ul]SecuROM V6[ul][]Diablo 2[]GroundControl[]Music 2000[]Orion Burger[]Re-Volt[]Shadow Man[]Soulbringer[/ul]Securom new[ul][]V-Rally 2[/ul]Bugger Me SecuROM[ul][]NWN[*]WC3[/ul]

Well I never knew that there were so many variants of SecuROM, perhaps then SecuROM V8 is in order?

It is also a little more polite than your suggestion FP but not as amusing :bigsmile:

About 99% of people are wrong about Securom versions. There are not “Securom NEW” "newSecurom

NEW". The version of Securom is inside the file…to get this:

  • Open Securom protected exe with a PE editor and get RawOffset & RawSize values of the last


  • Open the exe with an hex editor and go to offset(in hex) RawOffset+RawSize of the last section

Here you can see:


4.74.00 is the Securom Version(in SoccerManager 2K2), this is valid for 100% of Securom protected


Spanish cD-cRACKER

PD: Lastest version I found is 4.77

Ok, ok. You are right. Iwasn’t clear enough, sorry…
Here is the explanation:

“New” Securom>>>From the first version that included ATIP PROTECTION
NEW “New” SECUROM (SECUROM 3 in the poll)>> LAST VERSION APPEARED if it changes something IMPORTANT that deserves an special name (like SD2).

So if the last version doesn’t change anything important we should continue calling it New Securom without specifying the version.

Oh man CD-cRACKER, with a name like yours i already feel the moderators foaming…:bigsmile: