What name do law enforcement authorities have in your country?

I’m really curious about this.

In Italy the military and law enforcement authorities are:

ESERCITO (Army) - In peace, not a real law enforcement authority; it becomes a L.E.A. when a war breaks out.

MARINA ED AERONAUTICA MILITARE - (Marine- and Aero- military force) The same as the Army.

CARABINIERI (literally Carabineers) - It is a military force, but it is operative also in peace. Has roles like a police force. Also fines people who don’t have seatbelts fastened, who run too fast and so on.

GUARDIA DI FINANZA (literally Finance guard) - Holds all economic crimes against the State (people who don’t pay taxes, and so on).

POLIZIA DI STATO (State Police) - Civil police. Holds all types of crimes and is spread all around Italy, and because of this some people compare it to America’s FBI.

POLIZIA MUNICIPALE (Country police) - The most hated. It is called POLICE but has NO ROLES like a police force. The ONLY duty of the Country police is fining people.


I live in the northeast of the US. I live in a town which is in a state which is in the United States. My local law enforcement is the town police department. In our area we have a lot of what’s called mutual aid, if there is a major emergency in my town a lot of towns are going to send their police to help us. The state police mostly stay on the highways. State law enforcement departments are called a few things, examples of this are the "Wisconsin State Patrol, the California highway patrol, and the New York State Police. In the Midwest, a lot of communities are not official towns, they are in whats called “unincorporated land.” This land is divided into counties, each county has a Sheriff’s Department/Office. The city/town police departments only have jurisdiction(legal authority to enforce the law) inside the borders of their city, and Sheriff’s Departments only have jurisdiction inside their county. Federal law enforcement can go wherever they want. Each state has a national guard, these are part-time soldiers that can be activated to serve overseas or in case of disaster, The United States Coast Guard does almost all law enforcement inside American national waters, the customs agency also does some maritime stuff. The capital of the US is not in a state, but there are like a ton of agencies that have jurisdiction inside the city of Washington. US Capitol Police, some Sheriff’s Department, the FBI, the Federal Protective Services (Police Branch of the Department of homeland security), and the United States Secret Service. I hope this answers your questions.