What name do law enforcement authorities have in your country?



I’m really curious about this.

In Italy the military and law enforcement authorities are:

ESERCITO (Army) - In peace, not a real law enforcement authority; it becomes a L.E.A. when a war breaks out.

MARINA ED AERONAUTICA MILITARE - (Marine- and Aero- military force) The same as the Army.

CARABINIERI (literally Carabineers) - It is a military force, but it is operative also in peace. Has roles like a police force. Also fines people who don’t have seatbelts fastened, who run too fast and so on.

GUARDIA DI FINANZA (literally Finance guard) - Holds all economic crimes against the State (people who don’t pay taxes, and so on).

POLIZIA DI STATO (State Police) - Civil police. Holds all types of crimes and is spread all around Italy, and because of this some people compare it to America’s FBI.

POLIZIA MUNICIPALE (Country police) - The most hated. It is called POLICE but has NO ROLES like a police force. The ONLY duty of the Country police is fining people.