What MS Windows version do you have?

I am reading that some people are still using Windows 95, an OS 10 years old and full of bugs with no more support and patches, so I want to see what windows versions are used by people on this forum.

Out Topic:
in an article in Italian Chip magazine (made by the German Chip Labs), they compared the security of Windows XP vs Suse Linux 9.1 vs Mac OS 10.3.3, the results were:
clean install: windows XP the worst (10 bugs), then linux (7), the mac (5)
after SP and all patches: windows is the best (not even 1 security breach), the mac (2 bugs), then linux (5 bugs).

Windows xp pro for me

i have suse 9.1 pro and windows home edition (sp1).
the best … lol

well, looks like so far everybody has voted for xp :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

Currently ME and Xp Pro on the same computer. Mostly use Xp but I guess I should have voted for ME as no-one else will.

Wasn’t Blackcomb the internal name before they gave it it’s proper name for XP or Longhorn?

i have one xp home and one xp pro, thats ot :), well, i have a knackered old 600MHz P3 Windows 98 in the attic somewhere.

ben :slight_smile:

xp pro

xp pro sp2

On my Notebook: Windows XP Home SP1.
Windows 98 (Pentium II PC), other PC.
Windows 95 on a 10 year old Toshiba Laptop.

XP for pc1 , Windows 2000 for the others

Windows XP and Mandrake 10.0 on one pc, Win 98 SE on the other.

i thought u where a linux guy :confused:

ben :slight_smile:

I thought you were a garden gnome :slight_smile:

(Mandrake 10 on 2 machines,OpenBSD on one, ClarkConnect on another, Smoothwall on another,but i hardly use them)

Windows XP Pro on both PC’s

Main desktop: Windows XP pro
Secondary desktop: Gentoo 2004.2
Laptop: Windows XP pro and Gentoo 2004.2
Server 1: Redhat 9.0
Server 2: Gentoo 2004.2 and Windows 2000 (virtual machine)
HTPC: Gentoo 2004.2

The rest of my systems aren’t really used, but I think that various Windows, Linux and BSD versions are running on them.

My personal favourite? Gentoo Linux!

who said i wasnt? :wink:

Xp Pro

XP Pro. In my experience it has been the best operating system so far. It has never crashed on me.

Anyone still using Windows 3.1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows xp is the best windows OS i have ever used, it’s NT kernel (the one of 2000 too) is stable and powerful, there are no daily GPF (General Protection Fault) that i used to see in 3.x and 9x…

the switch from windows 98 to 2000 was a great switch, maybe the one between windows 3.11 and 95 was bigger.

ops… i forgot to add an option for windows 3.x.

about blackcomb: it was in the timeline as the next server OS after 2003, but now there is before it longhorn, i don’t know if blackcomb is still there or has been renamed.