What MPEG cards are available?



Hey guys, newbie here :cool:

I’m looking for a card other than but just like the Xcard or Hollywood Magic card that will give me hardware based composite video, S video, and digital audio outputs.

Any ideas? Can some one please tell me what cards are available that can do this?

My problem with the Sigma Designs cards: I’ve got a version of XP Pro from the University that will not allow my system to boot with the X Card or the Hollywood Magic card installed. This version of XP Pro is prior to SP1, I’ve also installed SP1. As soon as I load the correct XP drivers for either Sigma card, the system will lock up during the boot screen, keyboard lights go out and all. It will boot into safe mode. I’ve tried a fresh clean install of this XP Pro and that made no difference. However I have also tried a clean install of the XP Pro SP1 OEM that came with my other computer on this system and that had no problem at all with either Sigma card, only thing is that I need that XP copy for my other computer which also has an X card. Would rather buy a new mpeg card than another copy of XP Pro, there are absolutely no other problems/issues with this OS or my hardware.

XP Pro
Soyo Dragon (latest bios installed)
2GHz Celeron
200GB WD
Asus FX5200
SB Live 5.1 MP3+
Pioneer DVR-A07XLA



Have you considered a variant of the ATI All-In-Wonder line? They’ll generally have just about anything you want.

Other options include Hauppauge’s WinTV PVR line (http://www.hauppauge.com), if you want it separate from your vid card. The high-end PVR’s have hardware MPEG-2 decode and encode.


@ ThreeFatTigers
I highly doubt that there’s a crippled version of XP made by your university and my guess is that it’s a hardware/software issue.
Tried moving it around and use the latest drivers?

Other than that I suggest that you get yourself a graphic card with tv-out such as most ATi Radeon 9200SE based ones or a more hi-end like those based on Radeon 9600/9600XT. Regarding Digital Output you’ll have to get a sound card unless your integrated sound card on your mainboard supports digital out using a bracket.

@ LoneWolf15
He wants a card that outputs video not a capture card.


Hey thanks for the replies and the info :iagree:

I’ve tested with latest drivers for both of the Mpeg cards and two different versions of the Video driver. As for the sound card, they support both digital in + out, I usually route the Mpeg’s digital out to the sound card then the sound card’s digital out to my surround sound system.

Actually I have done some further testing since my first post and have determined the problem lies with the driver for the Asus V9520, driver version makes no difference. The system has no problem with the Hollywood Magic Mpeg card or it’s driver, until the video card driver is installed. After that, the system will lock up during the boot process, and this even after uninstalling the Mpeg card (from device manager) and removing all traces of it’s driver from the OS, and still locks up even after doing the same to the video card and it’s driver. Doesn’t matter what I do, after the video card driver is first installed, the system is doomed never to boot normally unless I physically remove the Mpeg card from the PCI slot.

My theory is that it is because the Asus V9520 I have is a dual monitor type card, or that it’s outputs are digital and use an adapter plug to convert to VGA, and that somehow that makes it’s driver unique and incompatible.

Also contrary to prior test results the Xcard will work just fine, the new Xcard I had turned out to be defective out of the box. Only problem there is the Xcard is a significant step down from the Magic card in that it is incapable of full screen display on the computer monitor and color/bright/contrast controls are not adjustable for the composite output. It is very disappointing really.

So the direct solution is likely to replace the video card and keep my Magic Mpeg card. Though still I plan to look into the alternative Mpeg solutions before I make a final decision, one think I know, I definitely dont want to stay with the Xcard on this system.