What MP3 player do you use

What MP3 player do you use ?

Winamp baby!!

Hey, a new fourm…or am I just seeing thing?

Winamp is the best try`s others but im so used to it now i dont even want another mp3 player.

Tried them all, but winamp roelz anyways! :smiley:

yes, I`ve tried a lot of players to but winamp still is the best.

Winamp is the best

looks like winamp has conquered the world :slight_smile:

Originally posted by MaFd0n
looks like winamp has conquered the world :slight_smile:

yep seem’s like you are right… i have been using winamp since version 0.90

i think i still have a version of that here somewhere :slight_smile:

i started with winplay 3 running on windows 3.11

using fraunhoffers shit in dos to encode :slight_smile:

Winamp OWNZ !!!:):slight_smile:

I use Winamp too

Winamp Rulezzz :wink:

yep, winamp R0xXx

winamp above all

Winamp ownz all…Wondering who voted ‘something else’ :smiley:

what is winamp?


I use MUSICMATCH JUKEBOX its damn cool, i have cataloged all my music and it is easy to use!!!
Thats wat i think anyway

Another vote for winamp it kicks arse make your own skins for it aslo!


Live Long And Prosper


MusicMatch, excellent!

winamp. why bother with the other crap?

some people eh…

Mr C