What movies would you recommend renting?



Please post movies that you’ve enjoyed. If you feel like posting a short description or reason why you recommend it, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. I don’t care what genre the movie is, I’m just looking for a good list to put in my queue for netflix.

I know this thread has probably been done before but not too recently so please don’t yell at me for this. Also, I know this probably belongs under Entertainment but I don’t think anyone looks at that section.


Christmas story - funny as hell
Zatoichi:the blind sworsman(2004) - this is way good
Wicker Man - Weird,strange and everything in between
elephant man - will teach you about tolerance
Dazed and confused - stoner movie from texas,funny


original texas chainsaw massacre,from hell,usual suspect,1984,fight club…too many to name


Bad Boys 1 & II the interaction between Martin Lawrence and Will Smith is really funny also non stop action.

LOTR 1-3 Special Extended Editions - no need to say anything.

Underworld - Kate Beckinsale Mmmmmm :eek:

and many others


hmm just looking at my shelves

Goodfellas, King Arthur, The Footballl Factory, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Face/Off, Dogma, Casino, Airheads, Stand By Me, Pulp Fiction, American History X, Cabin Fever, DareDevil, Along Came Polly.

Just a few :slight_smile:


Hmm let me think what I’ve seen recently (and liked)…
Interstate 60, The dreamers, Der Untergang, Mambo Italiano, The door in the floor, National treasure


Der Untergang
did you see this in theatres or on dvd?I can’t find it anywhere.


The Butterfly Effect
King Artur
21 Gramms


some lesser known movies that are really good
One False Move
Hoop dreams (amazing documentary)
Monty Pythons Meaning of Life (well maybe not a lesser known movie but definetly one of the funniest)


Austin Powers 1
Austin Powers 2
Austin Powers 3
Pulp Fiction - if you haven’t seen it, DO it now :iagree:
Lord of the Rings 1, 2, 3 Special Extended Editions
Face Off
Reservoir Dogs
Oceans Eleven
Godfather full version


city of god
amores perros
one flew over the cuckoos nest
true romance
28 days later
spirited away & princess mononoke
donnie darko
the office (BBC)
lock, stock & two smoking barrels
the conversation
maria full of grace
the deer hunter
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
super size me

that’s it for now :smiley:


If you didn’t knew any better you could think they’re all p0rn. :bigsmile:


lol, dirty bird :stuck_out_tongue:


rent vanilla sky if you have never seen it it is tripped out


Food for thought:

Pump Up The Volume


Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels
24 hours in London


Pulp Fiction
Cruel Intentions


The Fifth Element


I saw it in the cinema, but I was told that’s out on DVD as well…

Never checked though, I prefer big screens :slight_smile:


Heres some of the DVD’s I’ve got…
9 Months
Across The Line
Avenging Angelo
Best Men
Beverily Hillbillies (Jed’s Dilemma, The Great Fued, Jed Saves Drysdale Marriage, Clampetts Get Cultured, Clampetts Are Overdrawn, Garden Party, Jed Cuts The Family Tree, Jethro’s First Love, Hillbillies of Beverly Hills, Getting Settled, The Girl From Home, The Servants, Giant Jackrabbit, Jethro Goes To School, Ellie Starts School, Clampetts and the Dodgers)

Big Fat Liar
Blue Thunder
Bonanza (Dark Star, Spanish Grant, The Fear Merchants, The Last Trophy, Feet of Clay, The Last Viking, The Savage, Showdown, San Francisco Holiday, The Mill, Escape To The Ponderosa)

Bring It On Again
Can’t Buy Me Love
Coming To America
Dances With Wolves
Delta Force
Desert Heat
Dog Gone
Drive Me Crazy
Earnest Goes To Jail
Enemy of the State
Forces of Nature
Freaky Friday
French Kiss
Gone In 60 Seconds
Half Passed Dead
High Crimes
Hot Chick
Ice Age
In Love And War
Iron Eagle
John Q
Just Married
Kate and Leopold
Kissing A Fool
Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp II
Last Action Hero
Legend of Cougar Canyon
Lethal Weapon
Lethal Weapon II
Lethal Weapon III
Lethal Weapon IV
Lilo and Stitch
Little Princess
Lone Wolf McQuade
Made In Manhattan
Major Payne
Miss Congenality
Monsters, Inc.
Murder By Numbers
National Security
Never Been Kissed
Oliver and Company
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Return To Neverland
pool Hall Junkies
Presumed Innocent
Resident Evil
Sebrina (Harrison Ford Version)
Serving Sarah
Simply Irrestible
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Episode 2
Stitch (The Movie)
Sweet Home Alabama
The Fugitive
The Green Mile
The Last Of The Mohicans
The Net
The Rookie
The Shadow Riders
The Transporter
Tom Sawyer
Top Dog
Two If By Sea
Two Weeks Notice
Wagons East
What A Girl Wants
While You Were Sleeping
Who’s Harry Crumb
X-Men II


oops they run together


Whatever you do, don’t rent The Grudge. Terrible flick. It was so boring I had to turn it off after about 20 minutes. Wasn’t even scary. Now before you all say "hay that isn’t out yet :cop: " my girlfriend works at blockbuster so we get to rent movies usually 1-2 weeks before release date.

On another topic, hasn’t really been any new release movies that were worth mentioning. :sad:


It’s a little beter if you see the movie it is based on first but you have to like that Japanese type of horror movie. It’s usally not much slash em up graphical horror like American movies. It’s usally more just peoples minds getting taken over by demons of some sort. If you do like that type, check out some of the tomie movies, they are pretty twisted. I have seen so many movies that I am out of good selection so I have been watching some of the Japanese stuff.