What Movies Have Really Touched You?



I know there is a thread already about favorite movies…but I mean like, at the end of the movie, some people cry if it’s a really good movie and something sad or good happens… I’m not saying that every movie that touches you, you cry, but just if it touched you, list it here. Here are mine:

Gladiator - the very end, when he dies
Braveheart - when wallace is executed
Message In A Bottle- When he dies and never finds out that she loves him
Officer and A Gentleman- When he walks in the plant and TAKES her out…
Tears of the Son-When they finally reach safety…and the copters come in and start mowing down the enemy…


Bill - early 80’s movie
dancer in the dark - wow
english patient - I just liked it a lot
Night porter - strange,but a love story
to kill a mockingbird - enough said


not a movie but a book…has anyone ever read where the red fern grows?

edit: i see there have been 2 film adaptations, but i haven’t seen either.


saw the movie 2 weeks ago(the original 1974 I believe) for the umpteenth time.You would probably like Old Yeller also.


Awww Old Yeller…
thats a tear jerker for sure…

poor dog…sniff sniff


I only saw Old Yeller once and it made me cry.I haven’t seen it since.Too sad.


heh…never seen/read that one.

people were choked up at the end of finding neverland…:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


is that movie any good?


yeah, i liked it. good acting…“quaint” story. it’s contrived to a degree but well executed. hard not to enjoy it.

also watched Whale Rider the other night…that’s a good film as well.


The Green Mile




Impressive moments in movies:

The Fifth Element: Opera Song+Fighting Scene
Pump Up The Volume: End scenes.
The Breakfast Club: Scene where the teacher threatens to beat the crap out of the student
Serial Experiments Lain: Are you dead when nobody knows you exist?
Ghost In The Shell 2: Education is the easiest form of Artificial Intelligence
Amelie: Scene with the living statue.
Terminator II: Scene where two kids chase each other with toy guns.
Band Of Brothers: Scene where they find the concentration camps.
Saving Private Ryan: D-Day scene
Akira: What if all power of the mind is unleashed into energy at once?


2 other good choices.

I agree totally here with these.


An older movie called Madam X. Their are two versions out. In one she has a son and in the other she has a daughter.


was this the 1966 one?


I could go on and on, got more than 350 movies :slight_smile:


I’m the same.I have so many I could mention but those I chose were on top of my head at the time.You chose some good ones.


Donnie Darko - End scenes


excellent choice.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest