What movie or TV series are you presently watching?

Was talking to a few in the chat…I love new series and movies based upon friends reccomendations…

So what are you watching???

Presently,I am watching Green Acres, Sherlock, st elsewhere…and red green

“The Americans” on FX

It’s a Spy vs. Spy series set in the Reagan Years (early 1980’s)

The Batman

On Tuesday Bones season 8 has started on German Television which I’m watching. On Thursday they’re showing Buffy again and every now and then my wife and me we’re watching Charmed on DVD.

Plebs. Absolutely hilarious :bigsmile:

Yo Luv-

“Monarch Of The Glen”


*(ALL available on Netflix streaming)

Game of thrones, aka; Porn with swords. “Can I see your dagger, sire? … No, but you can sheaf my sword!”

The walking dead … Hey it’s another brainless zombie movie, err, series.

The big bang theory … Nerds with girlfriends … omfg!

3rd rock from the sun … rotflcopter!

Dexter … It’s about a serial killer that kills serial killers, and has a family.

Archer … It’s like “get smart”, except the more competent female side kick is 69.

Touch Boy with special abilities

Nikita Secret Govt agency with kick butt action

Revolution Future were all the power is gone except for those with special devices

Glad to see you back SS Enjoy :flower:

My list will be fairly large.
For older videos I have on DVD .
I watch an episode of MASH nearly everyday & just start over.
I have Home Improvement but I’m not as constant on it.
I will watch any of the older TV western series. Most of those I’ve just recorder off the satellite receiver when they happened to be on .
I have all the High Chaparral recorded this way.
I like the Rifleman & I have the Walker Texas Ranger also.
The Brit sitcoms I watch are Good Neighbors & Keeping Up Appearances .
Occasionally others that are on.
I don’t have the series & haven’t watched it lately but I was a big ER fan.

For currently running series.
I like the Canadian series Heartland .
Game of Thrones.
Trying to catch up on Doctor Who . For me Tom Baker was the best Doctor Who.
Monday Mornings (a medical show)
Hawaii 50
Son of Anarchy( soon to come on again)
The list goes on but to end it for this post Arrow,Elementary.& The Mentalist.
Also just finished the last Merlin.

Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead (over till next season)
Castle (complete fluff I know, and getting worse each year)
Just got through re-watching all three seasons of Veronica Mars.

And I’m re-watching an old show from the early 90’s called My So Called Life. Its free on Hulu.

Game of Thrones, The Following, Not Going Out, The Men Who Built America, Mud Men, and Revolution are the only ones I’m watching ATM.


Bates Motel seems like it has a bit of promise. Less than stellar actors and actresses though.

I have a busy PVR, These are some of the shows that I follow.

Boardwalk Empire
Breaking Bad
Burn Notice
Covert Affairs
Falling Skies
Game of Thrones
Golden Boy
Hawaii Five-0 2010
Hell On Wheels
Last Man Standing
Lost Girl
NCIS: Los Angeles
Person Of Interest
Red Widow
Rizzoli and Isles
Rookie Blue
Sons of Anarchy
Strike Back
Teen Wolf
The Big Bang Theory
The Following
The Glades
The Mentalist
The Vampire Diaries
Transporter The Series
True Blood
WareHouse 13
XIII - The Series[/B]


The “Vikings” series on History (much better than expected)
Breaking Bad (one of my all time favorites, too bad it is ending soon)
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Live From Daryl’s House on Palladia (fantastic performances from musicians playing with Daryl Hall of Hall & Oates)
Justified (incredibly good show)
Any documentary (I’m a junky for them) I haven’t already seen a dozen times.

Also, the one and only season of [B]Firefly[/B] is a perennial favorite along with the followup movie [B]Serendipity[/B].

funny thing is…

i just started watching

Weeds…makes me miss bob…

[B]My list[/B]

The Vikings
The Americans
Walking Dead
The Following
Orphan Black
Falling Skies
American Horror Story
Warehouse 13
Sons of Anarchy
Breaking Bad
Hell on Wheels
Doctor Who

Currently following these series:

Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
The West Wing (for the third time)
Game of Thrones (…waiting for season 3)

[QUOTE=DrageMester;2685307]Currently following these series:

Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
The West Wing (for the third time)
Game of Thrones (…waiting for season 3)[/QUOTE]

It’s the third series of Game of Thrones that I’m watching ATM.

When’s it due out where you are?

Oh and I forgot to mention ‘Doctor Who’ in my earlier list. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Wombler;2685316]It’s the third series of Game of Thrones that I’m watching ATM.

When’s it due out where you are?[/QUOTE] Presumably some time this century… :doh: