What movie did you last watch?

Just to start:

“Good Will Hunting”

liked it, impressed with the acting, a must see; missed it in 1997

Paycheck…nice movie…exceeded my (low) expectations :wink:

Before that I watched the 3 first Harry Potter movies (movie box)

“Flight of the Phoenix”. Average movie.

“The Grudge”.

Not as good as the Jap version!

Jackie Brown

Just watched Lola rennt. What a nice movie that is… very well filmed, interesting story and Lola is quite hot :slight_smile:

The Island, pretty average could have been great.

The Polar Express…a nice film for the family…both kids and adults will enjoy it especially with Christmas just around the corner.

“Speak” good movie for teens to see

something with Jenna Jameson :stuck_out_tongue:

not really a movie but aqua teen hunger force vol. 3…great tv show!!!

I went to see Walk the Line…wasn’t good…but then again i dont like counrty music either

Last weekend:

Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory: cool! Except the songs.
Batman Begins: The Last Samurai meets The Bat and there’s a cool car in it. Sucks

Wanna see:

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride
Wallace and Gromitt: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

uhhhh I can send you a copy of the corpse bride…or better yet bring it to ya in a couple weeks…and we can watch it together :iagree:

it’s a date! :iagree:

Last weekend:

  • Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (original is better!)
  • War of the Worlds
  • Sin City

clive barkers nightbreed :slight_smile:

Now watching: Land of the dead

Crash. I recommend it.

Caught some free tickets to that and it was good.

Saw The big Lebowski yesterday a good movie too.