What models ext dvd burners have auto bit setting?

I need to get 2 replacement burners for my BenQ 162I and thought a more direct query re what external burners have automatic bit setting would be the best question.
I bought the Sony drx 810 ul with the understanding that it has automatic bit setting for R+ media as long as it was TDK, Sony or Verbatim and not Maxell or Fuji due to dye used on the discs and this was from their phone tech support.

Both members of my family need me to purchase these for university and so I hope that someone can assist with suggested models.
There is a newer model Sony which is usb 2 and that is the drx 820u which is supposed to have auto bit setting only it comes without firewire which the prior model mentioned that I bought for one of the children has and so I wondered if it has auto bit setting for DVD ROM burning as our prior BenQ’s 162I with their Book Management exe. Though the firewire would be nice the BenQ’s that they had did not have it only usb 2 and so i believe that they can live with that. BTW, there is no need for Light Scribe.

I really would appreciate experienced members comments as I need to get these right away.
Also comments on whether Sony is correct in advising me that the one model listed above that we bought has the auto bit setting and that the R+ media recommended is correct.

I don’t want to have my children who are in their final years at university get the wrong dvd burners.

Your expertise would be genuinely appreciated, thankyou.

BTW. when you go to any of the stores here in Canada they don’t know what the children nor I are talking about when we reference auto bit setting and DVD ROM, we seem to be in the dark ages tech wise here and so I really am looking for help from this well experienced forum.

Best Regards.

Assuming that you are talking about +R media, I can get LG, BenQ, Pioneer, NEC, and Liteon to bitset without having to set it up each time.

If you want something simple I would go with Liteon. They are good quality and low cost.

I agree with the above response but I use Nero 7 and there is an advanced option in their burning software called “automatic book type settings” and I wonder if this is related to what you’re referring to. I’m sure there are other burning programs that use the term “automatic” as well.


I thankyou all for the comments, I noticed that Sony was not mentioned in the list. As I mentioned i bought the drx 810 dl which has the firewire and the comes with Nero, of course the OEM.

My software tech has a version 7 Corporate??? that he said he bought and is not going to use so I will likely consider the purchase of this program.

I guess no one has experience with these burners?? Does this mean that they are not quality burners??? as I know members at this forum are very knowledgeable about quality.

I thought the firewire and the usb2 were good features and so I made this choice.

The main burners sold up here in Canada after scouting the big box stores again are Lite On, LG GSA-E10L, Lacie, HP with Lightscribe, Comstar and a brand by the name of Retail Plus. The latter 2 I have not heard of.
All the big box stores tell me that the Sony are the most popular and have the least returns.
Again I would appreciate comments, thankyou.

I guess the one odd issue I found with Sony is that it does not like the dye in the R+ media for Maxell, Fuji and I have used these 2 with my BenQ burner with little concern. This comment was from the level 2 telephone tech support who I wanted to talk to before I made the purchase. And they were the ones that said the unit had auto bit setting but it is not shown anywhere and I have googled the models as well both the drx 810 ul and the 820 u.

Sorry I ran out of time before enetring all that I could.

I do have a Sony DRX-810UL (it is USB) and I love it. It does support Book Typing through Nero and it meets all my needs. I also have a Plextor 750UF (also USB) but I use other software to set Book Type. I purchased both of these drives when my internals were failing and I needed portability. Since then, I replaced my system which came bundled with Lite-on drives.

There are a lot of quality drives out there and I believe you will find users are equally passionate about their units. Additionally, what’s important to you might not be as important to someone else. For example, speed, price, available technical support, ability to support various media, manufacturers reputation, etc. are factors to consider.

I did have a Sony 820 but returned it within the store’s 30 day return policy as I watched prices drop on the 810. I didn’t think the upgrade model was worth the price and I won’t play the game of having the latest model as you never win.

USB2 v Firewire (1394) - I’d rather have USB2 as it is more common and if I’m going to have an external burner where portability is an issue, I 'm not going to risk the machine I’m moving to not having a firewire connection.

One of my burner’s is a Sony Dru-810A, it booktypes +R media to DvDRom for me without having to set it up at all. Note that Sony’s burner’s our base on a BenQ platform. I tried both Maxell and Fuji media type and never had any issues. My main choice would be Verbatim. As for the extrenal I couldn’t tell ya. You also missed Plextor,Pioneer,Sony,Benq,Nec,Samsung and A-Open for burner choices.

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Sony was not mentioned because you cannot be sure who made the drive. You just pay extra for the Sony name. Many are good drives, just overpriced. Also, many times the firmware is missing features, such as bitsetting.


Well old Sony drives were built on a Liteon platform and were not so good. Now the new Sony drives are built on a BenQ platform. And yes you can bitset on a Sony. Sony drives used to be overpriced, and now if you shop right you can pick one up at comparable price to the others.

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Well I have purchased the Sony drx 810 UL external burner and appreciated all of the replies.

I wanted to ask one last question, “jeff53404” added an earlier comment which I wondered if I could do also with this burner and not cause problems and that is to set Nero Option to burn DVD-ROM , thus insuring that the software knew what I wanted it to do.

However if the External unit does have “auto bit setting” could I be messing it up by setting the software to this option???

I hope this does not sound like a silly question, however I am a Noob to all of this dvd burning and still willing to learn.

The bite setting is doe through the writing program not DVD firmware therefore if you set the Nero to write to your disc as DVD-ROM then that would be adaquate and you won’t mess anything.

Thx for the reply, I thought possibly it was in the firmware of the burner. This Noob learns something new each day thx to members/mods at this site.

Best Regards

I don’t think this is correct. The drive firmware is responsible for doing the bitsetting. Any software merely checks that the capable firmware is set to do its job.

If the firmware does not support bitsetting, the option in the writing software will be greyed out.

Therefore, having firmware auto-bitsetting enabled, together with a software bitsetting option selected, will result in a +R/+RW being set to DVD-ROM.