What models can be hacked?

other than the LVW 5005 which Liteon models can be hacked for MV, 3Hour, reagon free?

The 5025GHC+, 5045GHC+, 5045GDL+ and 5055GDL+ can be hacked for MV (though it only seems to work for VHS copying and some DVDs) and region free - not sure what 3Hour refers to - 3 hour recording (LP Mode) is standard on these recorders.


the more I read the more I am glade I have 2 LVW5005s

The 5001, 5006 (VCR Plus), 5007 (TV Guide), 5045 HDD.

Also the HD-A740GX and HD-A760GX. :slight_smile:

one of my LVW5005 sits ontop of a replaytv RTV5040

go to this forum. register, then goto downloads and get mr wizard’s firmware hacking tool and run a download of your firmware through it.

you can read all about it on that site.


here’s a better expalation

for region free hacks look here