What model was the first DVD writer for PC?

I have two Pioneer DVR-103.
I think this model is the first DVD writer for PC, but I’m not sure.
I was searching for articles about first DVD writer, but found nothing.
Do you know exactly which DVD writer was the first one for PC ?

If my memory serves me correctly, it should be Pioneer DVR-S101:

Pioneer for DVD-R/RW mechanisms and Ricoh for DVD+R/RW mechanisms and Panasonic for DVD-RAM mechanisms.

The first recordable DVD formats developed by the DVD Forum were DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-RAM.

The DVD+RW Alliance, led by Philips and Sony, created a different format: DVD+RW and DVD+R. Both the DVD Forum (-R) and DVD+RW Alliance (+R) claim better compatibility kind of like the old days when Sony Betamax and VHS went to war.

Thankfully everyone decided to play nicely together and we the end users have benefited.

Thanks pepst and Kipper,
After reading your info, I found that there was also Pioneer DVR-S102 and DVR-S201.
According to http://www.cdrinfo.com/sections/reviews/specific.aspx?articleid=6103, after DVR-S201 next was DVR-A03/103.
DVR-S201 was like an external unit, with SCSI connection. It was the first world’s unit to write to 4.7 GB DVD-R discs.
See http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/archive/DVR-S201/page.html and
It seems, at least is what I think, that DVR-A03/103 was the first unit using IDE connection and was able to be used in PC like one internal drive that we have today.
I’m very glad that now I have all models from Pioneer starting with 103 and finishing with 116 and 216. I hope to find one DVR-117/217.
Anyway … I’m feeling like having one museum :slight_smile:
Actually, if a real museum of optical units exists … I would really like to visit it :slight_smile:

I found also this :slight_smile:

It was Pioneer DVR-S101 without a doubt.

[QUOTE=Andywoodriff;2675769]It was Pioneer DVR-S101 without a doubt.[/QUOTE]

And the 201 is for Authoring! DVD-RA.

My first DVD burner was the Sony 500a as I wanted a dual format drive so I could buy whatever disk was on sale plus or minus. It was a really good burner but almost never did it’s full rated 4x speed with any disks I bought, BUT at least the disks always seemed to play well. That’s something I can’t say for the string of LiteOn burners I got later that wrote at the zippy fast speed of 8x.
It’s been a fun journey and now at least most any burner will make a good working disk quickly with about any disk.
Too bad I hardly burn disks these days even though my box currently has 6 different burners in it:doh:

The Pioneer DVR-103 was the first dvd burner for consumers.
The 104 followed and the wave rolled.