What mode should computer be in when not using:shut down, stand by or hibernate?

thats my Q, what mode should computer be in when not using:shut down, stand by or hibernate? What are the positive and negative?

I always turn mine off most computers alone will burn the same electricity as a 60 watt bulb and I do not want to waste my money. Go here to get more info on each


Hibernate and shut down are electrically the same. When you hibernate the computer writes the contents of the RAM to the hard disk, tells windows to boot up from the RAM recording next time, and shuts down.
In my experience, hibernate isn’t so good; I’ve always had all sorts of problems when I tried to play games after waking up a computer that was hibernated. It’s still useful when you have a gazillion Firefox tabs open and don’t want to close them all to shut down, as “light” apps such as a browser don’t suffer too much from whatever errors are induced when hibernating, but if I know I’ll be gaming later and I don’t want to shut down I just put the computer in standby. Everything that’s powered in that condition is the RAM, so you don’t spend a lot of energy at all (I think it’s way less than 60 watts).
Then again, I do have a Centrino notebook which spends very little energy even at full power, let alone in standby mode…

I just leave mine on most of the time. I have had to many problems with hibernate and standby mode causing things to not run right (and or not want to wake up). If anything, I’ll just turn them off.

I just shut my down. If I am not using it why have it on? Wastes energy.

Stand By… is relatively useless for desktop PC’s unless you are in a situation where you are both desperate to save a few dollars a year AND you need your computer responsive in 10-15 seconds.

Hibernate, after the POST is done, comes back in about 30 seconds, maybe less.

However, honestly, my machine runs 24/7. I’m always seeding a bit torrent or two.

As for hibernate “not working properly”… get better hardware. :slight_smile:

Right now i think most of you would just leave your computer on, or just shut it down right, then i think i would stick to shut down with my desktop because i dot remember where i heard that hibernate was a better option then shutdown,lol. Thankz you all for replying and your time :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I use the modes differently. For my laptop (IBM T series) I use Stand by mode most of the time (yeah I know waste battery). When on lunch break/library: check email, browse news, browse cdfreaks etc, close the lid (and it will stand by.) Go back to work or home, open lid and resume in 5 seconds, synchronize email and data to desktop. Restart and charge the battery when needed, usually once a week.

My desktop(s), most of the time is on 24/7 and occasionally shutdown. Never really use standby/hibernate.

It really depends on how long your machine takes to boot. If you leave a lot of work undone, or windows open, or like to load up 20 tabs in Opera or Firefox and don’t want to lose your place… or if your machine takes forever to boot… Hibernate is THE way to go. No long boot times (15-30 seconds from POST to running), everything restored 100% the way it was.

BUT as people have pointed out, dodgy hardware and/or drivers can cause major hibernation problems.

shut it down. save energy

It’s bad for the parts though to be turned on and off repetitively, causing more wear and tear, hence negating the power saving.

So shut down would ware off the parts, even hibernate?

I agree. Heating and cooling is what breaks electrical parts.

Im still old school with this. The constant heating up and cooling off just is not my idea of a good time. I doubt the mother board and all those chips think it’s fun either. Im sure the drive motors are not real happy with it as well. I have a big CRT monitor but I let that go to sleep. :slight_smile:

Well, think of it like this. A hard drive goes from 0 RPM to 7200+ RPM (or I guess it could be 5400) pretty damn quickly. Would you start your car’s motor and floor the accelerator pedal to make it go at such RPM?

Why subject your HDD to this torture repeatedly? My PC goes on and stays on until I sleep.

Its true that powering up and down is hard on electronic devices. Of course there is the other side of this! How long do any of us keep the same hardware? We all upgrade every year or so.

That doesn’t nesasarilly work for all of us though. First off, you don’t upgrade everything in your computer every year (unless you are a lot richer than me, lol). Second, some items are still usefull even if you upgrade. You don’t throw away a hard drive because you bought a bigger one, you just use it for extra space. Personally I make use of lots of my old equipment. I have an old 900mhz celeron with a 20 gig hard drive and 256mb of sdram that I use to play win 98 games that will not play on xp (still have a few old favorites). I’m running 3 computers on a kvm switch, the win 98 gaming machine and two main computers. Both of the main computers have 4 hard drives each (even an extra 40-80 gig on a hard drive can come in usefull). I run the faster one overclocked , not conected to the internet so no anti spyware/virus software sucking resources (you would be suprized how long windows can run without major coruption requiring reinstall when you are not conected to the internet). The other main one has the internet conection. I can be doing a conversion or transfering a vhs tape to dvd on one, surfing the internet without bogged down cpu/memory on the other. Even my liteon 851s still gets lots of use for burning and scanning (even though I have two newer 16x burners). I say make good use of your old hardware, especially if you upgrade a lot (you have more old hardware to take advantage of).
I guess I kind of got off topic there but it is related at least (why you would want to have your hardware last and therefor leave your computer running or at least minimise turning it on and off). :bigsmile:

Fyi I didn’t intentionally buy/build 3 computers. I just had the spare parts from upgrading to do it.

Hmm, I actually don’t have a well of money (just look at my sig), hence my computer doesn’t get upgraded all that often. Sure, I have just put some parts in, but after them, it’s gonna be a while before I upgrade my PSU, Mobo and CPU (the next 3 things to go). So I like to preserve the parts in my PC and make sure they last as long as possible.

So you mean that by not turning you computer off, you are preserving ur parts?

kvm switch. Hows that working out? Which one you got?