What modded FW for my NEC4551?

hi everyone,

normally i don’t ask such dumb questions, but I didn’t update my drive for long time cause I didn’t use it much. I’m already on 1-Z1. But there are so many FWs out for this drive, its confusing :confused: And now I have to use it more and more again, that’s why I ask for help.

I need bitsetting support and good writing strategy on 16x media, no cheap crap, only Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden etc., mainly DVD+R.

So is there a FW out with the same features as the 1-Z1 and worth updating my drive? :bow:

Thanks in advance,

1-X3 is the latest modified firmware for the NEC ND-4551A. I don’t know if it’s an improvement over 1-Z1.

Liggy & Dee NEC ND-4551A Modified Firmware V 1-X3 results & support thread

Thanks for the answer. Maybe I give it a try - any one running this fw?

Yes, me. :slight_smile: and several thousand downloads of this firmware from our site.

Ok then there will be several thousands plus one tonight :bigsmile:

And thanks Dee for your great work :bow:

I read that the NEC ND-4551A 1-09 BT FW by Liggy & Dee is out now. Is this FW “better” than the 1-X3? Or what’s the difference?

Click on the firmware titles here to get the full descriptions of the firmwares and you’ll see the differences.

Essentially though the 1-X3 is based on an older firmware with custom media speedups added whereas the 1-09 BT is the latest official firmware with the latest official write strategies and no speedups.

Bitsetting and RPC1 versions of both firmwares are available.


Thx Wombler, I see that most of the strategies in 1-09 BT have higher versions than the 1-X3. So I’m gonna flash my drive again, didn’t think anything would come after 1-X3 :clap:

No problem.

Liggy & Dee are the real ones to thank for all their efforts though. :cool: