What MID are Maxell -/+ 8x 25 spindles at apr?



Just curious as I heard Maxell are sometimes TY.


Only the 4x Maxells.


are your 25 spindles MIJ ? the only 8x Maxell spindles we get in australia are MIT 50 spindles and only -r (which are g05)… only jewel cased discs are MIJ.


Yuck, not worth the risk IMHO. Last I saw all of the Maxell discs were MIJ. All of this switching out just keeps convincing me to stick with unbranded TY since I always know what I am getting when I order.


-r Mij -> Mxlrg03


I had a couple fo tubs from them a few months ago, and they were the Mxlrg03 and were VERY good :slight_smile:


Yeah, the MIJ are usually pretty good (the batches of MXLRG02 that I got certainly weren’t though) but I wouldn’t dare take the crapshoot with ordering online.