What method of cd protection

Is there a way to discern what method of cd protection was used to create a copy-protected cd?

Why I ask?

I have an acrobat plugin CD… the CD is required to be in the drive when you start Acrobat 5 (I’m on PC running win95 or 98)… in order for the plugin to function when Acrobat 5 is opened.

Once you have Acro 5 open and the plugin CD is verified… you can then eject the CD…

I’ve tried making a copy using the Safedisc2 info posted at length here (I’m using a LiteOn LTR-48125 burner with DiskDump then Fireburner 2.1.7)… but that didn’t create a CD that would verify in the drive (You can see everything, and even install the “Program/Plugin”, but it won’t actually run from Acrobat 5 [THE COPIED DISK WON’T VERIFY].

Appreciate any help and pointers in the WRITE direction :slight_smile:


Clony and Tccd scout are examples of this. When you search CDFreaks or Google you should be able to find it.