What media type flags to write iso data to either cdr/dvdr with one command?

what combination of flags to nerocmd.exe, e.g.

–media_type media_dvd_any+media_cdr

(which isnt working for me)

to make it accept either cd’s or dvd’s when burning a data disk?

please help!


Synonym for Simon M

Couldnt get this to work using a single combination of flags so i tried something like the following in my script

  1. try using dvd flags
    if that fails
  2. try again using cdr flags

this shows up an interesting interaction of the features of the api, between the media type parameters and the verification feature.

if 1. fails, the drive bay pops open and the user is told to place media of the correct type in the bay. In a script this can’t happen, so i used --no_user_interaction flag. You still get the disk ejected, but the program exits quietly.

On the other hand if 1. succeeds, the --no_user_interaction flag causes verification to fail, or rather not be attempted, because with my HP dvd300i nero needs to open/close the drivebay between programming and verification.

summary - trying out a media type requires --no_user_interaction, verification cannot work with that option.

Any pointers please