What Media To Buy?

helo all am new to this forum and also very new to burning and media.my question is what media should i buy ? also should it be - or + and where?i heard about blankmedia.ca but also heard negative things about buying there i live in Canada like a 10mins drive from blankmedia :slight_smile: my burner is an LG 4163 am looking 4 media that i can print on 2 any answerd will b great plx bare wiht me as i am a noob whne it comes to this thing thx for nay replys :slight_smile: :iagree:

Take a look at the media guide:

If you are playing your DVD on a stand-alone player, your manual should tell you what format to use. However, do a little reading on Booktyping/Bitsetting and you may want to do this to your +R discs as it will increase your chances of playing it on more players, especially older players.

Most users agree that Verbatims are excellent, are available locally and are often on sale.

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No offense but that site has a number of inaccuracies, I would not suggest using that site to judge media. I do agree on the suggestion of Verbatim though, particularly their +R media is about as good as any media in general and is widely available at good prices.

Help us out but what are the inaccuracies?

I do not want to detract from the subject of this thread but there are MANY ‘classifications’ of media that are laughable (Ritek G05 ‘class 2’, CMC AE1, AM3 ‘class 4’, Optodisc OR8 ‘class 4’, TTH02 ‘class 1’, CMC E01 ‘class 3’, Sony 08D1, 16D1 ‘class 1’ ). If you want to discuss it any further, it should be in another thread or via PM.

I think Verbatim media would be a good start (as a brand). Then as you experiment with your burner, its settings and your time, you might want to search for 8X MIJ (Made in Japan) media from Sony, Fuji or Panasonic (which usually would be media manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and it’s considered as one of the most reliable media currently on the market).

Regarding Digitalfaq’s classification… well there are several threads here. In my experience, I (I, me, myself) don’t find it accurate, but that’s only my opinion.

Good advice, although the one small clarification that should be mentioned if looking for 8x -R MIJ media from Sony, unless the foam spacer on the top of the spindle is hexagon-shaped, they will be MIJ Sony08D1 rather than TYG02, and SONY08D1 is only average media.

If I would have only one choice, I clearly would go with Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC004). The scan quality is very good, durability seems to be good as well and finally they are much cheaper than Taiyo Yuden and even cheaper than average brands like Sony.
For DL media Verbatim is widely considered to be the only reliable choice.

ok thx for the answerds i would love to be able to play them in consoles 2 and in a few standalone dvd players i have both ps2 and xbox and like 5 diff type of dvd players

MCC 004 White Printable (Verbatim/CMC version) or TYG02/T02 White Printable (Taiyo Yuden) -These discs are perfect media for the 4163. If you buy the prime stuff you get prime discs. Not sure why, but i have best results with the printable discs? :slight_smile:

ok thx so i should go for the - ?than

another thing i read on that about fake media is this one good??

Packaging: Cake box Packaging
Media Code Mfr: MCC 003
Disc Bottom Colour: PURPLE

Media Code:
00000000 01 02 00 00 A1 0F 02 00 00 03 00 00 00 26 05 3F …&.? 00000010 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 4D 43 43 00 00 00 00 00 30 …MCC…0 00000020 30 33 00 38 23 54 37 12 02 42 6E 02 A8 6B 15 15 03.8#T7…Bn…k… 00000030 0B 0B 08 08 01 19 1B 0C 0C 0C 0D 01 00 00 00 00 …

Packaging: 100 PC TAPE WRAP / NO SPINDLE
Media Code Mfr: TYG02

Media Code:
00000000 00 6C 00 00 01 40 C1 FD 9E D8 52 00 02 87 0D 10 .l…@…R… 00000010 66 78 80 00 03 54 59 47 30 32 00 00 04 00 00 00 fx…TYG02… 00000020 00 00 00 00 05 AA A2 22 22 20 02 00 06 08 0E 11 …"" …

The above info will be the same on fake discs. If you are in a decent shop you search for the brand. You’ll always see that real TY and Verbatim printables are among the top priced and the fake discs are medium to low priced :slight_smile:

ok am going to buy them from blankmedia.ca so i dont know if they r fake or not.i have to order them and pick them up cause am only like a 10min drive and here in Canada where i live they dont sell those kind of media @ store @ blank,edia is 50 disc for 30.bucks Canadian so i dont know if u guys want to take a look @ site and let me know if i can trust them or not or buy them from somewere else

Are the Verbatim MCC004 disks manufactured in one country, or do we have to check each cake box to see where they are made?

Sam’s Club sells Verbatim disks, are those the ones to buy?

yes can someone plx let me know if i can trust that blankmedia.ca if someone has bought from there thx

Currently Verbatim MCC004 discs sold in the US are all MIT but manufacturing plant can be two, CMC Mag and Prodisc, both of which are happens to be in Taiwan. Currently MIS Verbatim in the states is DL media only.
CMC Mag made MCC004 package has rectangle above recycle logo on top of the spindle with open/lock written in serif, on the disk hub s/n begins with PAP…
Prodisc made MCC004 has no rectangle, open/lock in sans serif, s/n begins with numbers such as 609…

In Europe it is different story that I heard they have MIS, MBI, MIT, MIJ, MIL Verbatims on the market.

Forgot :doh:
Don’t buy it from Sam’s Club(one in the US, right? :rolleyes: )
They are not really cheaper than other retailer on sale, and somehow many people has bad experience with Verb from Sam’s club including me.
I live within walking distance from local Sam’s club, but never buy any media from them even in emergency :smiley:
There haven’t been a sale on Verbatim 50pk for about a month and it will be on sale soon (maybe next week or two?) in Best Buy or so. So wait, unless you are in hurry. ---->purely my opinion, but my timing usually worked. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the information. I do live in the US and shop the weekly sales at Best Buy.

I have a couple of questions, is there a preference between the CMC Mag, and the Prodisc DVDs as far as quality goes?

for DVD backups DVD+R SONY( i bit $$ but good stuff) or DVD+R TDK ( real cheap and have had no problems)
for CD backups CD-R ANY AND ALL :cool: it dont really matter what u use unless ur buring with a old burner so go with what ever is cheap.

what ever u decide to go with just buy the small packs untill u find the right media for ur burner. cause most burners will burn with anything but u never know what a burner will like and what it wont like. so experiment a bit to see what goes good with ur burners.

The CMC are usually more consistent in quality. Prodiscs [B]can[/B] be as good but it’s more of a crapshoot.