What media speed should i get for xbox360 backups

should i get the 2.4x media or 6 or 8x? also anyone have any good experiences with ritek ridata? thnx

I have used both x2.4 and x8 and they both worked fine. I only use verbatim disc so i can’t comment on the riteks but if i were you i would get some verbs (mis if possible).

so when you flash the dvd drive should you flash it at 2.4x also or 8x

Where can you find 2.4x media today, unless it is RW?

supermedia and meritline both have 2.4x media

When you talk about the flashing of the 360 drive i assume you want to know what read speed you should flash the drive to run at ?? if so i would just do it at max, x12 i believe. Although at x12 the drive will be noisy, some people flash the drive to run at x8 as it’s quieter but the loading times are still decent. It’s really down to you at the end of the day, mine is at x12 as the noise doesn’t bother me.

The read speed you flash the drive at has no bearing on what speed media you use.

ty jedi i will use 12x then, one last thing, i have not been able to find a crock clip wire, is there anything around the house i could use to make simple metal connection between the 360 and pc

You could just strip the ends off a piece of wire and wrap the ends around a whole/cut out in the 360 chassis and the metal chassis of the pc case or you could just rest the metal chassis of the 360 on the metal chassis of the pc case.

I have had great luck using both Memorex and FujiFilm dual layer media for burning Xbox 360 backups for several of my friends. I usually buy whatever is on sale at Future Shop when I run out, and usually at about $1.00 per disc. I have probably burned well over 50 backups in my Pioneer DVR-115D drive and never had one coaster or complaint from a friend that their game is not working. Of course, my own personal backups are ALWAYS burned strictly on Verbatims, but those are way too expensive to be buying for other people, even when they are on sale…

BTW, I burn all my games at 2.4x and my Pioneer burner was purchased exclusively for the purpose of burning X360 games. Sure it takes a long time to burn a game, but maybe this is why I’ve never had a problem. A quality burner and slow burning speeds is the way to go!!!