What media should I use with my 1300a writer?

I recently bought a nec 1300a burner and some cheap princo 4x discs. It seems impossible to write them at 4x with good quality. What dvd-media should I buy? I use Nero 6 for burning and herries modified 108v2-firmware.
Does someone have a list of good dvd-media to use with the 1300a?

I’ve heard the RICOHJPNR01 works great on the 1300A.
This media is readily available in most places.

Taiyo Yuden is also a very safe bet. It’s simply the best media out there, at a price however… :sad:

As for more “cost-effective”, I would agree with wesociety on Ricoh media.

we have loads of 1300’s at work, burnt Verbatum, TY, and many, many G04 Ritek’s with no problem. They all pass a surface test using CDSpeed and play in dvd players.