What Media should I use with a SONY DW-Q28A?

Hey everyone. Well, I just had the unfortunate event of having a water leak in one of my Burn Rigs and a little puncture somehow happened in the line and sprayed water into my PSU which basicly just fried half my stuff when it arced. :a Not cool. :a Anyway,s Im rebuilding it and I have a SONY DW-Q28A that im going to put into it. Im not even sure what firm it is. The sticker is scratched off, grrrr… What Media should I get for this drive? Anyone ever had experiece with this drive? Thanx.

Ouch! :eek:

Well, I believe that drive is an older LiteOn (in Sony clothing), and my old Litey didn’t like CMC media very much.

Stick to Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (some Verbatim is CMC-made, but that’s made to MCC specifications), and you’ll be good, I should think :slight_smile:

Cool, thanx. Ive had it for a while. Just never thought I would need to depend on it as a burner/ripper drive, ha ha

Oh well Fzzzztt Happens

Hey, the drive should rock if you ever need to get stuff off of trashed discs :wink:

“Fzzzztt Happens”…hahahaha, glad you can see the bright side :wink:

Ok, I should probably search a little more for this one or start a 2nd thread but heres a second question. Knowing that this drive is older. What is the best DVD Burner out there?

Yep, I’d post a thread in the Optical Drives Forum about this, as it’ll save Drage the job of having to split the thread :wink: - in it, don’t forget to tell people what you require in a burner: scanning ability, Lightscribe etc.

lol, will do :smiley:

Thank you both for your kind consideration! :wink:

he he, np. :bigsmile:

Caring, sharing CDFreaks :flower: