What media Should be used

ok i have used Memorex media for more than 4 years.

recently i have found out that that media is bad it’s quality is poor and that why my old plextor 121032a would not burn on it. also my i had a 24102b it broke i RMA’ed it and lite-on sent me a new 32123S and both drives never gave me problems but when thses drive were trying to real the media i have burned it would max out at 12x but when i used some old TDK media it was 32x.

i dont know if wht i wrote above made sense…lol but i and going to switch to different media. and tell me if color matters?

recommend some brands that you could get at bestbuy/Fry’s/Etc…:rolleyes:

here are some(not all brands just some) brands: list more if you know any

Lead Data
I/O Magic
Fuji(these i know suck)

Verbatim - some drives likes them. but with Lite-On/highspeed writing I do not recommend it.
TDK - depends on the manufacturer. Ritek and TDK(phthalocyanine) = good. CMC= sometimes ok sometimes bad.
SONY - depends on manufacurer, sony = yuck stay away, Mitsui toatsu and taiyo yuden = good.
Memorex - depends on manufacturer. CMC = may be ok or bad. Ritek, prodisc and MPO = good
PNY - I do not know these discs.
PINE Tech - I do not know these discs.
Lead Data - yuck, stay away
Imation - Normally low quality CMC discs
I/O Magic - I do not know these discs
Fuji(these i know suck) - If they are manufactured by fuji with phthalocyanine DYE they are very good. If they are Taiyo Yuden they are very good.

I have some (PP)Prime Peripherals that I got from Office Max for about $35(reg. $55) for 200. They’re prety good, I burned them at about 6MB/sec with no problems (Blindwrite shows only datarate not speed). I have a 40x, but I don’t know if there would be a difference.

Prime Peripherals are manufactured by Gigastorage Corp. Long strategy Dye (Cyanine, Azo, etc.). These write at 40x for me with no problems. Using a LTR-40125S with ZS0J firmware. :cool: