What media player do you use?



Hey all,

I have been useing VideoLan, however it has a new problem, about 1/2 way though movies the audio becomes un synced.

What other video media players are out there that are good? Windows Media Player cant read read files larger then 1GB (audio stops working)

Any input would be great!


Try WinDVD 7 or maybe WinDVD 8 is out now. It is the best DVD player I have tried.


What about Media Player that you watch avi’s / divix on your PC.


All the media players are doing good joblike Windows Media Player, RealOne, Nero Media Player, so on.


Windows Media Player will not play a movie you rip with DVDFab. (play from your hard drive 2 - 5gb movie at max settings. Audio wont sync.

Not sure about the others.


Download ffdshow codec and VLC player. Perfect sync on WMP for me. RealPlayer also perfect using iPod profile.


Signals’ sage advice should do it for you… :iagree:
I’m confused though, you say this is a “new” problem?
Virtually any player should work just fine…VLC (the best IMO). Have you uninstalled and reinstalled from a new download?
PowerDVD, Nero showtime, WinDVD, etc., even WMP will all work and without av sync issues and certainly without file restrictions with NTFS.

Are you using windows 98? I don’t know of a file sysytem that would limit size to 1 GB…even FAT32 - 4 GB max, or FAT16 - 2 GB would not restrict a file size to 1 GB unless modified in some way.
Have you made any recent changes to your system?


I use PowerDVD 7.3 from Cyberlink. HD and BLU-Ray compatible if you have the requirements. You need a compatible Video Card of at least 256mbs. I have the ATI Radeons X1600. You also need a powerful processor my AMD Dual Core 3800X2 just makes the requirement by a hair. Also a BLU-Ray or HD player. and ofcoarse DVDFab Platnium. :clap: