What media is PS2 games on?

Like the subject says, I’m wondering what the PS2 media is? It is DVD’s right? I don’t have PS2, but my friends say it’s DVD’s and I’m finding out a second opinion.


I believe DVD is correct.

Thanks for the quick reply!

most of the games are on dvd except for a few exceptions. Only one my friend has that is on cd is le mans 24 hours.

Thanks, I was specifically aiming for GTA:VC, but I realized because I have GTA3 for PC that it came on 2 CD’s and the GTA:VC for the PS2 has to be DVD’s…

yes it definitly is on dvd because it is 3 times the size of liberty city in gta3 and it has 9 hours of music on it.

Bloody Roar 3 Is an example of PS2 CD title
PS2 DVD games rarely use more than 2-3Gig of space though some of the very newest titles are using 8 gig discs

Sorry if that was a bit to much info :stuck_out_tongue: