What media for old 2x writer?

What media can be recommended for an old Pioneer A03 writer? Belongs to a friend’s dad who is kinda scroogy and doesn’t want to buy a new one (or even a good used one from me :slight_smile: ).


Sorry Moomin, but you won’t find any compatible media nowadays…
AFAIK, every media on the market must be written at 2,4x at least!

I don’t see any reason for not buying a new burner, the prices are lower than low…
Just by an LG H22N, some Verbatim media and be happy :slight_smile:

[B]EDIT: I’m not sure, but maybe Taiyo Yuden 8x media can be written at 2x…[/B]

Rats. Not even 8x DVD-R from TY or Verbatim? Results musn’t be picture perfect, as long as error rates stay with acceptable levels so the discs can be read in your average DVD-Rom drive.


Using an old 2x writer is just looking for trouble :frowning:

It may be that some old 2x DVD-R media is still around, I’ve seen Fuji 2x DVD-R (1FUJIFILM) in some department stores in my area, but for € 19.99 a 25 disc pack so I didn’t bother to buy them.
Maybe some 4x DVD-R is supported, but as MCSE doesn’t support reading the binary I can’t find out more about it.

The Pioneer A03 supports DVD-RW at 1x. Try some 2x DVD-RW. Don’t use the incompatible 4x or 6x DVD-RW.

Don’t forget to have him upgrade the firmware to the latest 2.00 if he hasn’t done this already.

Verbatim MCC003 might be alright.

He sounds like a scrooge. As if someone can’t afford a new burner these days. They are so cheap :slight_smile:

At least, flash the latest firmware from here:

I also tried to read that out of the firmware with MCSE :cool:
Well, it doesn’t work as you know…

Thanks, I’ll check which firmware he has, and look around for old -R or RW media.

Pity you can’t find much choice of 8x media here locally, I don’t fancy buying tubs of 25 only to find out they turn out to be coastered by his A03.


In my wifes computer there is an old pioneer 105 / 2x.

This old pioneer is working fine fine with Verbatim 8x (made in india…lol)

Those blanks doesn´t work fine with my LG4163 and my Liteon 1635.

The pioneer loves Sony 8x too.

The 105 is a 4x burner I believe & so would have more compatability with 8x media than a 2x burner.

I am sure that TYG01 would work just fine, i am not sure though whether you’ll be able to digg out any stocked around in some wormhole.

I advise you to get some 4X rated media. But Pioneer A03 is a dash only format burner. Any 8X/16X media would be a disaster with A03 combination.

You recall my A05 … I now just use it to burn some garbage discs.

The question is, is there [I]support [/I]in the latest firmware for some 8X/16X media.

With the proper firmware support, Verbatim -R (8X: MCC02Rg20, 16X: MCC03Rg20) can burn very well at low speeds. I used some in a @1X standalone recorder and even though the scans were not for the hall-of-fame, the discs are perfectly usable.

Without the proper support, though, you’ll probably get only coasters.

Considering the price of burners nowadays, indeed you’d be better off with a recent burner :wink:


you are right, my mistake. :o

Sorry to hear that. My A04 still works well, even with 16x disks.