What media for 4163B?

I know this has probably been talked about a lot here but here I go again. What media is best for this burner, I use TY G02 now and get pretty good burns but I want to switch to G03’s or something that burns at 16x and is decent media.

I have seen the reviews of this burner and for the most part cant produce the same quality burns that they get in the review. I noticed a difference in packaging for the verbatim media from Europe and Canada/USA. Is the media the same quality?

If you want 16x Taiyo Yudens, I’ve found the Plextor-branded YUDEN000 T03’s are pretty sweet.



I’ve also found that Verbatim 16x -R burn very nicely on the LG as do the TY T02 8x +R, burning at 12x.

If you’re looking for some RW media I’d go for Ricoh 8x +RW. Very nice indeed.

It’s not difficult to continue adding to the list as this LG burns just about any quality media just about as well as any other burner, and often better. Stick to the A105 firmware

I have found the A106 with MCC004 at 12X is very good. Be aware that you cannot burn the -R 16X at 12X on the LG 4163.

A106 ? When did that one come out? Also I live in canada where can I find plextor brand yudens? Also is the +R better I have been using -R. Thats opening a whole new can of worms with the big +/- debate.

BTW does anyone have any scans to show? Here is one of what Im using now. TY G02 burned at 4x here is the link

There are a ton of scans here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=162041

A106 has been out a couple of weeks, as I recall. Do a search in the LG forum and you will be able to get a link. It still isn’t on the LG sites.

TY +R always has been able to generate a better burn on any of my 7 burners, but I am very picky and the 4163 has always been the best for -R so it is not a clear call… Actually, given that 12X is the best spot to burn 16X anyway, you might want to see if you like YUDEN000 T02 at 12X. Both A105 and A106 support that speed.

Thanks, My next order will have to be YUDEN000 T02, I’ll give them a try.

I can. For some reason, my system is incapable of allowing burns any faster than 12x. So when burning 16x DVD-R discs, my writer tries to go above 12x, fails and stays at 12x on it’s own. (the writer can burn at 12x, but it isn’t a selectable speed for DVD-R discs). Since 12x is supposed to produce the best burn quality for the 4163B with DVD-R discs, I’m not going to fix the problem!

Hehe you lucky guy

I hate to rain on your system, but what you are describing is a constraint somewhere in the pipeline that limits the data transfer to make 16X impossible. This is virtually identical to what people with external enclosures and mismatched chipsets have. I would be uncomfortable with my burn being controled by a problem in the system. I would certainly want to look at a burn on a scanning drive such as a Liteon.

I may be overly concerned, but I just don’t see this type of thing being good for the burn strategy. Possibly it is OK, but a scan will show if I am wrong.

BTW, the 4166 burns MCC03RG20 at 12X, so this is what I use.