What media for 3520?

I just ordered 3520. I am going to buy media from this site because it has the cheapest media for me in Denmark.
I need media for xbox and dvd players.
Which media would you recommend from that site. I want to get the best value for money.

PS: You have to multiply the DDK price with 5.6 to get the price in $

Can anybody atleast suggest some media for the NEC 3520?
Will it be the same as for the 3500 model.

Based on how well things go with my 3500 and what limited choices you have where you purchase, I would start with the Ridata -R 8X. I have only seen this media with the G05 media code and that media does very well with NEC 3500. Any other media at that site can come with a variety of media codes so you never know what you get. Good luck, the 3520 looks like a great drive.

Have a look here http://www.azomedia.dk/shop/language.asp

I buy Infiniti and Verbatim, with great result on NEC 3500 and Benq 1620.

jby, that site looks nice.
What would be the best media at around 300 ddk?

Verbatim +/- 8x, 116 kr for 25 in cake box.

Infiniti 8x +/- 8x, 85 kr for 25 in a cakebox.

Don’t buy the cheap stuff. Spend the ekstra money and buy quality.