What media do you recomend from these brands

I have a benq dvdrw dl I can use either for - or + ultra fast 16x
and a LG 52x cdrw burner both internal drives
I went to best buy across the street this morning and I saw these brands for sale and I am wondering which is the best , I don’t care about the price I just want something I can depend on for long term storage of hardrive backups and my personal created data files and folders …

1-fuji film japan cd-r
2-tdk cd-r taiwan
3-sony cd-r malaysia
4-verbatim digital vinyl cd-r ( what the heck is that ?) :confused:
5-tdk cdrw 12x

6-dvd-r fuji 8x

7-fuji dvd+rw taiwan

8-fuji dvd-rw taiwan

9-verbatim dual layer 2x4 speed hi speed singnapore
10-fuji film dvd+r dual layer taiwan :bow:

I’ve used most of these brands and they are all top quality.
If it’s a long life your after then I personally recommend Sony (although they are usually the most expensive)

verbatim digital vinyl cd-r is just a marketing ploy to get people to buy THAT brand when they are burning audio CD’s (Theres no difference, really :stuck_out_tongue: ).


The Fuji CD-R’s MIJ are Taiyo Yuden and are about the best that you can buy IMO-


Thanks Guys , really appreciate it
I noticed the Taiyo Yuden come in
white injet hub printable
silver inkjet printable
silver lacquer
silver thermal lacquer
I don’t have a clue as to what that means , is it just a sales ploy ?
Or if not which is the best one to get ? Price is no object , juss want something real good just data no music or video but need something durable thats my main objective cause backing up whole hdd and need something I can depend on , say in five years or so when I need to use it …

You only need to worry about the ones that say “printable”, if you have a printer that can print directly onto cd’s or dvd’s. Otherwise, just buy the silver ones…

Buy only these ones:
1-fuji film japan cd-r –> Taiyo Yuden, high quality media
6-dvd-r fuji 8x –> if Made in Japan only --Taiyo Yuden TYG02
9-verbatim dual layer 2x4 speed hi speed singnapore –> Currently the best DL.

Watch for Fuji DVD+R 8x Made in Japan – Yuden000-T02. High quality media.

Thanks you so much
I appreciate your educating me about what I need to be buying to get the very best in opitical drive media …
Thank You , Thank You, Thank You ever so much !!!

Ive been using ‘Plextor’ CD-R’s Made by Taiyo Yuden but cant find them anywhere in the UK now. Ive started using ‘Verbatim’ Pastels now because they’re the only reasonable priced TY’s i can find. I have a problem with them though, they dont seem to have much of a protective layer on the burn side and although im getting great burn results its a bit worrying they might get scratched easily.
Ive seen some other ‘Verbatim’ CD-R’s that are ‘Datalife Plus’ with a protective ‘Crystal’ layer. Does anyone know if these are made by TY or Mitsubishi Chemical Corp (or are they the same thing ???).

One last thing, can anyone tell me what the difference is between ‘Datalife’ and ‘Datalife Plus’ ???

Thanks folks.