What media code is this?

Maxell 634030 DVD+R

Could be anything. Ricoh, MXL, Ritek, etc. Knowing where it is made would help.

Omr, it is impossible to know where it is made. If you have Nero CD-DVD Speed, put that blank your DVD drive and it will id the mid for you (the manufacturer who makes it). As it is “Maxell” branded, if it says “Made in Japan” somewhere on the case, it is possibly an MXL or Maxell mid; if it says “Made in Taiwan,” there’s no telling what it could be. By the way, if you really love Maxell, the only Maxell you should get is the kind that says “Made in Japan,” as that is the only kind that will come up MXL or Maxell mid–in other words, that is truly made by Maxell.

Like in geno888’s case