What media code for TDK -R's @ Costco?



Hey all,

That 2 for 1 sale on 25 packs is coming up @ Costco on the 26th and I was wondering if anyone knows what media code is for the -R’s. The +R’s are Ricohjpn01 and burn very well in my 451@851. Thanks for any help.



TDK 4X DVD-R is TTG01.
Manufactured by CMC with special TDK MID.


Thanks… I think I’ll stick with the +R’s as I’ve used those before and they burn very well. That sale starts on the 26th and right now a 25 pack is 24.99. At 2for1 that’s only 50 cents a disc. Not too shabby. I might just pick up some -R’s at that price just to try 'em. Thanks again.