What Media B7T9

I’ve always used dvd-r disks but want to try using +R so I can booktype to dvd-rom
The only media I can get a hold of is
MMC 003, PRODISC R03 and RITEK R03
after reading thru the forums I came to conclusion I’d be better off skipping the RITEK and using one of the other two
but what would you recommend

MCC03 is the best i always get great results with this media

These all look to be acceptable to me, and I believe they will all give very good burns at 12X. The graph will likely be slightly worse with the Riteks, but not enough to matter.

I would buy one over the other depending on price and availability.

You can also try BenQ 8X own brand(Daxon). They work very well at 8X or ar 12X, and if you can find some Taiyo Yuden, you will not be disapointed!

Taiyo Yuden and Ridata 4x DVD+R both work well with the BenQ. The Ridata 4x DVD+R’s assuming it is RicohJPNR01 media code can be burned at 8x with great results with B7T9. Also, amazingly enough, for cheap media the Optodisc 4x DVD-R’s work pretty well too and from what I’ve seen so do the Optodisc 8x DVD+R’s. I’d personally prefer sticking with name brand media but if you are on a budget sometimes you have to sacrifice. hehe :slight_smile:

Well done, you’ve done some good reading around here. If you want real quality burns choose the MMC 003 and don’t waste money on other media.
Maybe you can trade media (single disks) with your friends so you don’t have to waste money on spindles. If you do, you can experiment a bit with different media and come to the conclusion that…MCC003 is best for you. :wink:

Cheerz got some MCC003 on their way

Brands for MCC003??? And please do not send me to dvdrhelp.com… their databases are growing out of date…

thanks! :slight_smile:

Verbatim 8X +R

Here are some:
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x Advanced AZO
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x Printable
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x
Datasafe Media DVD+R 8x
Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD+R 8x
Laser DVD+R 8x, only 10 Spindle
UL-Tran DVD+R 8x

Everyone interested to find out MID´s for different brads, visit speedlabs.org well sorted media list by nikon.

Thanks pcdoc and pinto2 - might check some of those out once I finish with the 150 or so of Fujifilm TY02’s I have - not really happy with some of their results when playing back on my Sony player.

These Verbatims available retail, or mail/net only? Any special markings (ie, made in japan, etc)?

Thanks again.