What media as good, or better, than TY02?

I’ve gone through a few hundred TY02’s - mix of Fuji’s & Rima’s. Disappointing results with a particular batch of the Fuji’s if you remember my exhaustive thread about that.

Might order some from Rima, but was wondering what people think is every bit as good (better?) as TY02’s (+R, 8x).

Need to pick some up by the weekend, or at least get some ordered. So what’s your recommendation? MID info OK, but specific brand or packaging info also appreciated, especially if I buy retail (US - Chicago metro). Quality of media is far more important to me than price.

TY is the best!!! (=

I haven’t found any media ( including TYO2) that I feel able to rely on 100%. All media seems capable of producing an bad result.

As media is now so cheap I have started to make 4 copies ( 2 on a BenQ1620 and 2 on an NEC3520A) using TYG02, Yuden000 T02, MCC 003, Sony D11, and even CMC MAG E01. I keep the best and archive the other 3 to a spindle.

Hopefully should the “best” fail I can still reconstruct a new “original”

MCC004-- Verbatim 16x DVD+R
TYG02-- Fuji 8x DVD-R.

What media as good, or better, than TY02?

I guess YUDEN000-T03 can’t be much worse… :cool:

dun bet your impt data on it…:D:D

there are better medias…SOny 16X are good…

Will decide when I put my hands on a bunch from both. :wink:
In fact I’ve never seen no T03 media. :sad:

MCC is the only thing I have seen that will perform consistently close to TY on a variety of burners. My Prodisc S03 always burns as well or better than TY on my 3500 but they do no where near as well on many other burners. So the answer to your question is MCC is probably just as good on most burners. But certain other media is just as good on certain other burners. That is why this hobby is so interesting. We are always looking for the bargain media for our particular burner that will equal TY and the target keeps moving. Some of us love the chase, the rest buy TY.

I am a big fan of Moser Baer. They burn like gold @ 12x on the 1620 @ 8x on the NEC3500 (and I am hoping for a speed up ). Look for 8x spindles of Memorex or Staples branded DVD+Rs that say made in India.

The MBI disc has good quality. Because it use the same manufactur process with MCC, it mean they use the same dye stamper and so on.

My best burns so far have been with Moser Baer, unlike my results with ty…

Have to say my results with batch 1158 of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s and RicohJPNR01 4x DVD+R’s are pretty much the same with both being burnt at 8x. The TY’s might be a “little” better but not so much you’d really care one way the other. Plus I’m a sucker for the Silver Matte surface, don’t really care much for Shiney Silver but’ll use it if that’s all the media is available in.

Recommend MCC media.

MCC004 definitely is as good if not better than TY02. Here lately TY02 & MCC004 is all I’ve been using. TYG02 is also pretty good.


I like RicohJpnR02 8x@16x media best esp. the TDK branded ones.