What media are you using with your 1008?

i am currently using Memorex 4x DVD-R 4.7 GB discs… it came in a 10 pack box… individually wrapped in all clear cd jewel cases with blue paper inserts…
part number: 3202 5510

im a newbie at this and dont know how well the integrity of these dvd-rs are… but so far so good… i have burned 5 dvd-rs with on problem… and all have played fine on my standalones… apex ad1200 and a terapin dvd player (dont remember model #)

however i know i got ripped… i payed like 20 bucks for a 10 pack… i was excited to test out my newly acquired dvd burner so i didnt care…

thats where you other 1008 owners come in… wat media are u guys using and how much are they… im looking for affordable price media with high success rate…

I use PRINCO DVD-RW 1-2x Speed bought at PC-SPEZIALIST ,10 DVD on a Spindle. Works good. Price 13,99€

I also use VERBATIM DVD+R and -R 5 pack slimcase. Bought at KARSTADT .Price 9,99€

I Hope this helps


I bought a 100-pack of the Ritek/Ridata DVD+R 2.4x disks from OfficeMax a week before I got my drive. Once opened they checked out as RICOHJPN.R01 using DVD Identifier. They have all burned at 4x with no problems yet. Granted, I’ve only used 4 discs since getting the drive.

so far i’ve used the Ridata +RW disk that came with the drive and it works well.
also got some Memorex 4x +R media ($50 for 50-pack) that is CMC.MAG.F01 and they have burnt fine at 4x so far.
finally i just got some TDK 2x -R on sale (10 for $7.94) and was pleasently suprised to find that I got RitekG04 disks that will do 4x just fine. I also have some TDK 4x +R that might be CMC or might be Ricoh on their way to me. at this point they dont make much difference to me because our drive wont burn any of them at 8x…but usually the burning is the quick part…the download / rip / transcode / etc is what takes so long :slight_smile: