What mean of the ndwmiSize?

in nero Api,there are a struct :NERO_DLG_WAITCD_MEDIA_INFO;
in this struct ,there is a ndwmiSize;
when my burn application ;have burn 5.0G data to a disc that only
can burn 4.5G.In the UserDialog:call back,then the application will go to the DLG_WAITCD_MEDIA_INFO;
can any body can tell me,is this case for the “have no enough space to burn the data”???

The ndwmiSize is set to sizeof(NERO_DLG_WAITCD_MEDIA_INFO).

When you burn more data than the inserted media can accept, your UserDialog callback will receive DLG_WAITCD_MEDIA_INFO (and some other) messages. In particular, you could expect DLG_WAITCD with bdata[/b] set to NERO_WAITCD_NOTENOUGHSPACE.