What manufactorer makes this drive?

TDK 1280B 12x dvd burner??
saw it at compusa for 169$

LiteOn 1213 I’m pretty sure.

There,s a 9 page review of this drive here

Yes, for sure. rdgrimes just picked one up.

not a very good review…didnt even show scans…oh well glad i got my lg 12x instead…hehe

Their reviews always leave me a little flat. Who cares how fast the burn is if the disc is not usable or has errors on it? We need to get away from the notion that the drive that burns the disc in 30 seconds less is better. Quality over speed should prevail.

I agree, what good is a review that tells you absolutely nothing about the quality of the burns that the writer produces?
At the EXTREME minimum they should test the burned discs in a variety of older standalone players to check for skips/pixelation.