What Makes the HD-A2 Better Than A3?


What makes the Toshiba HD-A2 Player better than the HD-A3 Player.
They are both 1080i players. Yet Amazon is selling them for 399.99 and
the Hd-A3 Player for $94.88.

Could someone Please explain this for me. I have no Idea why there is
such a difference in price???

I need some real help here. I thought the A2 was 2nd Generation
and the A3 3rd Generation. Shouldn’t it make the A3 a better player??

I don’t think HD-A2 is better than A3 based on the price. And according to what I read, they are both similar spec-wise.

If you check Amazon, the $399.99 for A2 is “Ships from and sold by Toyzz.” You can find a lot cheaper from other merchants.