What makes Ripping Run?

I was using Apple’s iTunes to rip audio CDs on a Samsun SM-308 8X DVD 8X/4X/32X CDRW. ITunes typically showed the ripping speed to be between 6X and 8X. I recently added a PlexWriter (fw 1.06), and used that with iTunes, only to find the reads were slower (2X-7X, even with SpeedRead enabled). What’s up with that? Using Roxio AudioCentral with the Plex, read speeds get up to 44X. DMA is enabled, drives connected using cable select.

Can anyone help me understand what’s going on?

Yes. Plain and simple, I-Tunes is neither a fast CD ripper nor a secure CD ripper. It’s useless shit in between.

Definitely not fast; but what do you mean by not secure?