What makes NEC better?

Hi everyone!
In almost all the reviews NEC stands out as the best writer (currently at least). What I want to know is the strategy that is used to write in NEC is something called “High resolution writing strategies” which is an improved version of Active Optimized Power Control (Active OPC) which is in fact an improved version of Active Optimized Power Control (Active OPC). Now other drives for example PIONEER has some features like
Smart Laser Driver
Liquid Crystal Tilt/Thickness Compensator and
Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber (Low Vibration Mechanism)

whatever that means. Now the question is other drives have someother capabilities how would you rate the feature of NEC to others. Is NEC a better choice in simple words? If so please enlighten me

I rate the drives in this order…

  1. Plextor
  2. NEC
  3. Liteon

I think quality of the drive and burns is most important

Bsr: You must be joking… do you even read the CDFreaks reviews ?

What about LG GSA-4160B and PIONEER A08 and A09??

And BenQ/Philips!

Still doesnt answer my question though? Frankly can someone be kind enough to put a post informing me what kind of strategies do most of the burners available today have? and what difference does it make it writing like what does the NEC one do? Please dont mind I am not a technical know how but I sure am curious as to what my drive can do

@lordkv, have you seen the BenQ/Philips reviews here at CD Freaks? They really stand out, too.

Also, I tend to ignore all the fancily named things like “Liquid Crystal Tilt”. Sure, it has a cool-sounding name. But does it really work in practice? If so, how much effect does it have in practice? Stuff like that is just marketing fluff. Read the reviews. Look at the performance. Decide what features (real features, not marketing features like the above) and aspects matter most to YOU and decide.

The best one is the one that will give you what you want most regardless of all the hype.

Hit the nail right on the head! I saw the BenQ/Philips reviews and the drive is simply superb. No doubt about it especially with all the fancy LED’s. Actually the reason I asked this question was to find out if their specific strategies make a difference when writing to different types of media nd the type + or - R and also to SL or DL discs cos if they dont virtually at least there is no difference in most of the drives as they all write DVD’s what makes each of them unique from one another???

Personally I think despite their marketing methods the actual differences come in these small strategies IMHO.
I mean no disrespect to all you hardware gurus out there. You know better than me anyday


Plextor and LiteOn should not be on that list… :Z