What makes it deteriorate so quickly?



My LiteOn 812S@832S has before worked pretty well and burnt discs with low C1/C2 and PI/PO figures/
But in recent days when I used KProbe to do some scanning I found the error count suddenly sky rocketed, no matter which disc I test - including those which previously scanned as good - now gives a pretty high count.
As the number of discs I have tested, I assured it isn’t a problem with the media. And it seems to me that the problem was related to degraded read performance of the drive.

Is my guess correct, or there can be other causes?
And how can I fix it?



Try cleaning the drive lense? shrug


I’ve noticed that problem if I run the drive for too long and it gets overheated. So I usually give it a cool down period about every other disc. Just enough time to burn another dvd in a different burner :slight_smile:


Have you applied printed labels to the disc?


I know dust one lens can affect the drive’s performance, but I think it would be a gradual process.
My drive had it happened just in days. :sad:


Nope, how does this matter? :confused:


Yeah, kwkard, u’re right.
After I removed the side plates from the case and things went low again. Quite strange, as I haven’t done anything to the case in the period of time.
Anyway, I got the problem figured out, and thank you all guys! :slight_smile:



The person asking about the labels is referring to problems associated with placing labels onto the discs. I guess the early CD-R’s and labels were not really compatible with each other and placing a label on a CD-R used to cause the CD-R to deteriorate. I came into the CD burning scene late. The CD-R’s I use have a well known good track record (Fuji TY’s and some Ritek) and I am using the latest generation of CD/DVD labels and have not found any problems, as long as the label is applied correctly and is firmly pressed down onto the disc. I did have some problems with discs that I was not careful applying the labels to and ripples showed in the labels (one label looked to be good and pressed down all over but after spending a few days in the car, it started rippling), and I have found that those ripples in the label will cause read errors, for whatever reason. I have had good success taking those labels off and applying new labels, the read errors returned to the same level as the just burned disc.

I have some doubts about the claims of the problems with CD labels, mainly because I believe labels got the bad name due to people using cheap CD-R’s and/or CD-R manu.'s were not making the top layer thick enough for the use of labels. I have also heard of markers, used on the proper area for labelling, ruining CD-R’s.


Label ripples or not being uniform in weight could lead to a slight vibration when rotating at high speeds in CD/DVD drive. And vibration leads to read errors, of course.

Any rotating object at high angular velocity can show tha vibrating behaviour; for example, … the wheels of your car at high speed, if they are not properly ‘balanced’ (you’ll note pieces of plumb in the wheels).

It should be clear that a small rectangular label (instead of a round one covering all the disc) leads to asymetric weight and hence -> vibration and hence -> read errors.

But, in any case, it seems Liteys do not need an ‘excuse’ like labels to deteriorate; they can do it alone…