What makes animated avatars work?



I see in a search this was asked on 7-30-05 in the General Hardware forum but got no answers. Question is what makes animated avatars work? alan1476 and thewomble asked this back then but got no results. I have a desktop that members animated avatars have never worked. I have a laptop that I use at my lake home and it does work. Only difference is that the laptop is wireless and desktop is connected direct. Also I have DSL on desktop and cable at the lake. Don’t know if this would have anything to do with it but figured I’d add all differences in the hopes that somebody can come up with a solution. I’ve noticed that crossg’s avatar has gears in motion and pinto’s horse is galloping on my laptop. Would like to see it on my desktop. Any ideas would be appreciated.


Try this:

In Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - scroll down.


Yo Sports****-

Can 'yall see mine?



I can even see it move after I close my eyes :wink:

Mine will only make your head spin :bigsmile:


also if you have zone alarm check in the privacy section under ad blocking and untick animation if its checked


Nope, never seen yours Mike. Not even on my laptop. Just noticed it last weekend with Pinto’s and crossg’s.


Hey slayerking…U Da Man. That was it. Damn Zone Alarm. I used to like it but as of late, I’m starting to wonder. Thanx.
@BigMike… Now I can.:iagree: