What makes a good cd/dvd reader?



Can there be something fundamentally different about hardware drives which makes them better at reading damaged discs / error prone discs?
I can understand software ignoring read errors or re-reading sectors, but on a basic hardware level - what makes an optical drive ‘better’ at reading discs. Do they ‘cheat’ and ignore errors or can they just be better. Laser quality?
Or are they simply more ‘compatible’ with wider ranges of blanks which gives the impression of being better readers. Why would one drive fail reading a blank and another suceed?


What is the sense of reading a BLANK beside to burn on it straight after that?!?!?!?


I mean the ability to read different types of blanks AFTER they have been written to!


Then these are not blanks anymore. lol


LOL. Well, yes, you are correct. But I think most people will grasp what I meant. I could edit my post changing the word balnk to cd-r if you think it might help you give an answer relevant to the question?