What make of CD-r is this?



Hi all,

Appologies if this is a completely stupid newbie question but…

Is there any easy way of identifying the maker/brand of a cd-r? Are there any software apps/ websites that’ll do the job?

I’m particularly interested in finding out the make of a cd I have - the code stamped on the hub (clear & slightly frosted) is MC530A0137880 and on the inner ring of the recording side it says 80 PG1221. The recording surface is a kind of cyan/pale blue/pale green colour.

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Download CD-DVD Speed, pop the disc into your drive, and go to the “Disc Info” tab - under “Manufacturer”, it should tell you the maker of the disc. :slight_smile:


Great stuff!! Did the job - many thanks!!


80 PG1221 is a Taiyo Yuden stamper code, for those who are wondering. :slight_smile:


I thought it looked familiar. The frosted hub also had me thinking, too :slight_smile:

@bulletproof_1979 - glad to help :slight_smile:


I recently purchased a 100 spindle of That’s CD-R Ceramic Coat. It also has the code: 80 PG1221 printed on the inner ring.
I was wondering if mine were genuine so I did a google for this code :smiley:
My issue is that the dye looks very light, almost indistinguishable from P-Cyanine discs. Is this normal for TY CD-R’s? I was expecting a darker blue :slight_smile:


But 80 PG1221 is a correct TY stamper code, so your disc is most likely genuine.
TY’s cyanine is not as dark as Mitsubishi’s older Metal Azo was.
Some P-Cyanine discs in fact have a slightly greener dye than others (compare Ciba Ultra Green dye used for Daxon/BenQ CD-R with CMC’s dye, for example).