What mainboard/processor should I buy?

I have a 350mhz P2 (don’t laugh) and I’m going to buy a new mainboard and processor.
Can someone please tell me which dealer i should buy from, whether i should go with Athlon or Intel (I’ll probably get a 2GHZ P4 or an AthlonXP 2000.) Also, is there any particular manufacturer of board i should go with, and what specs i should look for.
Some dealers i looked at are:
(I’m in a buyers group for Sato, they’re a wholesale outlet)

Is money an issue for you?

I don’t know for AMD, but if you would choose for Intel, you should get a socket478 and I don’t think the 2Ghz is in 478 (not sure though).
Anyway, the best price/performance Intel CPU at the moment is the 2.53Ghz.
For the motherboard, I would suggest one of the latest ASUS if you want pure quality. Gigabyte is another option; offers more features than ASUS for the same price, and still providing almost equal quality.

Don’t go for Asus (look at my sig).
Wait for the new Gigabyte based on Intel’s Granite Bay.

I’d reccomend DFI motherboards (if you can get them). They are cheap reliable and are absolutely grate for overclocking.
You can also buy Gigabyte or Soltek mobo’s. Stay away from abit, acorp.
ASUS ? These mobo’s are often rcommended, but often have much problems. Besides ASUS mobo’s are expensive. Why do people buy them ?

AMD or Intel ? I’d select AMD, because it’s
cheap and has great performance. Many people don’t like AMD, because they say
these processors can easily overburn. Yes
that’s true, but if your mobo has fan protections which does checking one time
in less than 2 secs it shouldn’t be a problem.

The bad thing about AMD’s is that mobo’s
for these processors often come
with VIA chipsets. I don’t know about the latest
VIA chipsets, but older ones had much
probles such as DMA issue and others.
Still Intel chipsets are bad at overclocking.

Also find a motherboard wich has AGP 8x and is able to work with DDR 333.

If you are an overclocker, gamer and
don’t mind configuring comp. on your
own select AMD + VIA chip.

If you need comp. for your work select
Intel and it’s chipset.

You don’t say where in Oz you are, but it looks like you’re going to buy via the 'net? I’ve always bought over the counter (easier for returns) but then again, I live in the city and have that option.
As the man said, is money an issue? If not, buy the biggest and bestest you can (American principle - nothing beats cubic inches). If you’re shopping via the 'net, try a search at Dejanews.com and look for the dealers and model numbers of the equipt. you’re interested in. You may find out whether others have experienced problems, particularly with some dealers. It’s certainly helped me out.

As to what to buy, do a Google search for motherboards - there are a few sites which test boards, they may help you decide.
My last mobo was an Epox - great for overclocking, lets you change volts, multipliers, frequency and the manufacturer provides bios updates. I’m very happy with it. I don’t buy expensive mobos, as the upgrade path usually disappears within a few months and I end up having to buy a new board anyhow (bloody technology - why can’t it stand still for a while?).

I’m running an o/c’d Duron, and the thing is bulletproof! I’m happy to stick with AMD.
I’m also looking at upgrading (again!) and it’s a pain trying to figure out which way to go. And all 'cos it takes too long (4.5hrs) to rip a DVD and encode it! Bah! Humbug! I knew I should have taken up pistol shooting instead.