What made you choose your religion?

I’m interested though, as to WHY you chose the religion you are? I know a lot of people are christian, catholic, jewish etc because that is what their family believes.
So what made you choose yours?

I was raised as a Baptist Christian. Whatever that really means… Anyways, as a kid we went to church every Sunday for the morning and evening worship and we went to church camp every summer.
But as I got older we stopped going as much and there was a time when I just stopped believing. I went through a lot of thought trying to figure out the whole religion thing. I went to different churches talked to different people and couldn’t decide what fit me.
I did a lot of research and read the Bible a lot and decided for myself what I should believe.
When it came down to it, everything I was reading in the Bible showed me what I should be.
Christian. That’s what I am. It’s what I choose to be based on what I have researched.

So, before you start posting, a few rules NO bashing any religions. PERIOD. Do NOT confront people on their religion, its their choice as to why they are that religion. And keep politics out. I really don’t want this thread getting closed.

Four words: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now THAT is what Christianity is about for me.

[quote=negritude;2128108]Four words: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Now THAT is what Christianity is about for me.[/quote]

That’s cool. I don’t think I have ever heard someone say that.
What was it about him?
I know, that probably sounds like a dumb question, because I think I have a good idea why, but I’m just curious.