What LSS will work best with GH22LP20

I’ve just recently installed a new LG GH22LP20 Lightscribe drive, and Installing the LSS that came with the drive requires installing Nero 7, which I do not want (or to put it in other words: tried it, and it almost ruined my windows), So I resort to using a downloaded LSS instead. Can anyone confirm to me what is the best LSS version that goes with this drive?
thnx in advanced. :bow:

Go to www.lightscribe.com and get the latest lightscribe drivers, and you should be fine.

the latest won’t work for me, because it requires SP1 for XP, which i don’t have (you can guess why… )

i don’t know any other way, maybe you can try to find some older LS drives.

^ that’s the point. but my question is what is the most fitting to my drive? Or, if anyone can obtain this info, what is the version that usually comes with this drive on retail?

there is no most fitting version and you don’t need the retail drivers that came with the drive. just get the newest version that runs on your machine.

or download XP SP3 and then use the newest drivers from www.lightscribe.com.